Formal Systems II: Theory

The lecture “Formal Systems II: Theory” deals with the theoretical aspects of formal systems as an advanced lecture following “Formal Systems” in the bachelor. In 2024, the lecture covers

  • dynamic logic (propositional and first-order),
  • axiomatic set theory,
  • Gödel’s incompleteness theorem,
  • category theory,
  • algebraic and co-algebraic data types,
  • many-valued logics,
  • applications of logic to social choice,
  • separation logic,
  • description logic.

Informations are available (in German) on the group’s website

Teaching time performed:

  • Three lectures (4.5 hours) on an introduction to category theory, mostly presenting categories, functors, natural transformations, and universal constructions (see the slides).
  • Two lectures (3 hours) on algebraic and co-algebraic datatypes (see the slides).

Part of the teaching team for summer semester 2024.

Instructors: Shared with Bernhard Beckert and Mattias Ulbrich

Student level: Master.