Inference of geometric modeling operations using generalized maps

Seminar of the team Informatique Graphique from the XLIM laboratory in Poitiers.

Résumé: Implementing new operations for geometric modeling is often a difficult task when they can be simply described from a sketch or an example. We propose a method to infer operations via a representative example. The inference mechanism exploits the regularity of generalized maps and Jerboa’s rule-based language for topology reconstruction. For the reconstruction of the geometric computations, we handle the problem of the geometric positions of the vertices as a constraint satisfaction problem.

The topological part refer to the publication:

(2022). Inferring topological operations on generalized maps: Application to subdivision schemes. In GVC.


Demo missing in the slides:

Romain Pascual
Romain Pascual

My research interests include applications of graph rewriting to computer graphics, and more generally formal methods from theory to applications.