Graph transformation for reasoning about geometric modeling operations

PPS Seminar at IRIF (Université Paris Cité).

Abstract: Topology-based geometric modeling deals with the representation of nD objects, which splits the topological description, i.e., the representation of the objects' topological cells (vertices, edges, faces, volumes, …), and the geometric information, i.e., the addition of data to the topological cells. We study the combinatorial models of generalized and oriented maps represented as attributed typed graphs subject to consistency conditions. This representation allows the study of modeling operations as graph rewriting rules. The motivation is twofold. First, we study the preservation of the model consistency through syntactic conditions statically checked on the rules. Second, we extend rules into rule schemes to abstract over the underlying topology. This formalization of modeling operations also offers guidelines for inferring operations from a representative example consisting of an initial and a target object. The inference mechanism is implemented in Jerboa, a platform for designing geometric modelers exploiting graph transformation rules.

Romain Pascual
Romain Pascual

My research interests include applications of graph rewriting to computer graphics, and more generally formal methods from theory to applications.